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Jordy van den Berg (2000, The Netherlands)

With his works, Jordy wants to approach the transience of life. Love, sadness, happiness, pain, everything is discussed. In his art he tells the stories of loved ones and his own. At first he tries to create an image that is considered beautiful by using his realistic way of painting and drawing.
However all the works consist of a deeper layering and meaning than it reveals in the first instance when you see the work and the way it is depicted. The image is therefore open to its own interpretation so that the viewer can also link his/her own memories to what they see.
Many works stem from his own photo archive that he has built up over the years. He also uses old photo books to gain inspiration for his works and he combines them with the stories he and/or his loved ones have experienced to be able to make a painting or drawing out of it.


2019 - present

Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht, HKU





Exposure 2023 - HKU



  •  De Nieuwe Vincent -  Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


  • Virtual Empathy - Academie Galerie, Utrecht

  • Zinc Goat - Projectspace LOKAAL, Utrecht


  • 35 (+1) jaar Kunstuitleen Utrecht , Jubileumtentoonstelling - Kunstuitleen Utrecht

nominations & prizes


De Nieuwe Vincent - Winner


Jonge Makers Award - Winner 

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